Jump, Fly Festival

For the past three years, many people have become superheroes by skydiving and raising money to send ESP’s very special people to summer camp. This year, 40 skydivers helped raise $42,000. Three of those were current or former ESP’rs who made the jump with no fear and only excitement to be able to fly.

Jump with us on April 26, 2014!


 Click on each ESP Jumper’s page to
find out their fundraising goals!

Individual Jumpers

Team Adnan


Being a part of ESP by volunteering with Jump, Fly is such a rewarding & fun experience!  The opportunity to spend time with ESP’s families and the community is a spectacular way to meet and share with people, especially in the fresh air. It is so much fun to watch the emotions of all the jumpers, but watching the ESP campers is the most priceless!

-Suzanne Dooley